Planning Application WSCC/012/23

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  • Application Number
  • Status
    Application Approved
  • Location
    Downlands School, Dale Avenue, Hassocks, West Sussex, BN6 8LP
  • Proposal
    Proposed new single storey classroom block and associated external works. Alterations to existing car park to provide additional spaces and EV charging points.
  • Date Valid
  • Deadline for Comments
  • Determination Date
  • Decision Date
  • Decision
    Granted with Conditions
  • Applicant's Name
    WSCC Assistant Director of Property & Assets
  • Agent's Name
    HNW Architects
  • District
    Mid Sussex
  • Parish
  • County Councillor
    Kirsty Lord, Hassocks & Burgess Hill South
  • Case Officer
    James Neave

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Application Documents
221012 - Downlands Community School_Hassocks Tree Survey v1.pdf (518 kb) Tree Survey 31/03/2023
221012_Downlands School_Hassocks_TCP-A1V.pdf (409 kb) Tree Constraints Plan 31/03/2023
221017_Downlands_PEA.pdf (1709 kb) Preliminary Ecological Appraisa 31/03/2023
ApplicationForm (1).pdf (641 kb) Application form 31/03/2023
Downlands Community School - Travel Plan Statement.pdf (1335 kb) Travel Plan Statement 31/03/2023
N1636-R0-Topo Sh1-2.pdf (541 kb) TOPOGRAGHICAL SURVEY 31/03/2023
2417-TFC-XX-XX-DR-L-1000 Existing Site Plan - Car Park.pdf (756 kb) Existing Site Plan 31/03/2023
2417-TFC-XX-XX-DR-L-1001 Construction Access and Removals Plan.pdf (1813 kb) Construction Access And Removals Plan 31/03/2023
2417-TFC-XX-XX-DR-L-1004 Construction Access and Removals Plan.pdf (741 kb) Construction Access And Removals Plan 31/03/2023
22048-HNW-XX-XX-PP-A-0905 -P02 - Planning Statement.pdf (9768 kb) Planning Statement 31/03/2023
22048-HNW-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-1001 - Existing Site Plan.pdf (178 kb) Existing Site Plan 31/03/2023
Downlands_EducationSupportingStatement_BulgeClasses_.pdf (72 kb) Education Supporting Statement 06/04/2023
Downlands School - Statement on tree and hedge removal.pdf (620 kb) Statement On Tree And Hedge Removal 04/05/2023
220012 - Downland School_Hassocks AMS v3.pdf (623 kb) Arboricultural method statment (Ams) V3 04/05/2023
221012 Downlands School_AIA v2.pdf (254 kb) Arboricultural Impact Assesment (Aia) V2 04/05/2023
Additional drainage info 16 05 23.pdf (6370 kb) Additional Information 17/05/2023
Approved Documents
2417-TFC-XX-XX-DR-L-1002 Landscape Proposals Plan.pdf (1634 kb) Landscape Proposals Plan 31/03/2023
2417-TFC-XX-XX-DR-L-1003 Car Park Proposals Plan.pdf (1195 kb) Car Park Proposals Plan 31/03/2023
13133-HOP-XX-XX-DR-C-0000 S4 P03.pdf (483 kb) PROPOSED SITE DRAINAGE PLAN 31/03/2023
13133-HOP-XX-XX-DR-C-0001 S4 P03.pdf (494 kb) PROPOSED BUILDING DRAINAGE PLAN 31/03/2023
22048-HNW-ZZ-00-DR-A-2200 - Proposed Floor Plan.pdf (203 kb) Proposed Floor Plan 31/03/2023
22048-HNW-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-1000 - Site Location Plan.pdf (224 kb) Site Location Plan 31/03/2023
22048-HNW-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2100 - Proposed Site Plan.pdf (214 kb) Proposed Site Plan 31/03/2023
22048-HNW-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2300 - Proposed Elevations.pdf (417 kb) Proposed Elevations 31/03/2023
22048-HNW-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2302 - Proposed Site Sections.pdf (594 kb) Proposed Site Sections 31/03/2023
2417-TFC-XX-XX-DR-L-1006 Additional Tree Planting Plan.pdf (548 kb) Additional Tree Planting Plan 04/05/2023
221012_Downlands School_Hassocks_TPP v2-A1.pdf (1173 kb) Tree Protection Plan (Tpp) V2 A1 04/05/2023
Consultation Response
WSCC Arboriculture.pdf (97 kb) Consultation Response 04/04/2023
Mid-Sussex District Council.pdf (71 kb) Consultation Response 18/04/2023
Hassocks Parish Council.pdf (181 kb) Consultation Response 20/04/2023
WSCC Flooding and Drainage.pdf (118 kb) Consultation Response 09/05/2023
WSCC Arboriculture 2.pdf (128 kb) Consultation Response 11/05/2023
WSCC Highways.pdf (60 kb) Consultation Response 11/05/2023
MSDC EHO.pdf (66 kb) Consultation Response 22/05/2023
Mid-Sussex District Council 2.pdf (111 kb) Consultation Response 23/05/2023
WSCC Ecology.pdf (129 kb) Consultation Response 23/05/2023
Decisions and Reports
WSCC 012 23 Case Officer's Report (Delegated Decision).pdf (309 kb) Case Officer's Report of Recommended Action 25/05/2023
DECISION NOTICE_WSCC-012-23.pdf (154 kb) Decision Notice 25/05/2023
Public Comments
Gary Calvert Objection 27-04-23.pdf (39 kb) Objection Gary Calvert 27 04 23 27/04/2023
7 The Minnels Obj.pdf (778 kb) Objection 24/04/23 22/05/2023
221012 - Downland School_Hassocks AMS v1.pdf (394 kb) Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS) and Tree Protection Plan 31/03/2023
221012 Downlands School_AIA v1.pdf (249 kb) Arboricultural Implication Assessment 31/03/2023
221012_Downlands School_Hassocks_TPP-A1V.pdf (1227 kb) Tree Protection Plan 31/03/2023
Downlands_EducationSupportingStatement_BulgeClasses.pdf (72 kb) Education supporting statement 31/03/2023