Planning Application WSCC/071/19

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  • Application Number
  • Status
    Application Withdrawn
  • Location
    Lower Stumble Exploration Site, off London Road, Balcombe, Haywards Heath, RH17 6JH
  • Proposal
    Remove drilling fluids and carry out an extended well test. This proposal is a two-stage activity: , 1) Pumping out previously used drilling fluids to ascertain any oil flow (up to 4 weeks) , 2) Should oil be seen to flow, an extended well test would be carried out over a period of 3 years.
  • Date Valid
  • Deadline for Comments
  • Determination Date
  • Decision Date
  • Decision
  • Applicant's Name
    Angus Energy Ltd
  • Agent's Name
  • Committee Date
  • District
    Mid Sussex
  • Parish
  • County Councillor
    Bruce Forbes, Worth Forest
  • Case Officer
    Chris Bartlett

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Admin Documents
SITE NOTICE_WSCC-071-19.doc (43 kb) Site Notice 14/10/2019
Application Documents
Site Location Plan.pdf (2530 kb) Site Location Plan 08/10/2019
Application Forms.pdf (978 kb) Application Forms 08/10/2019
Planning Statement.pdf (987 kb) Planning Statement 08/10/2019
Ecology - Bat Activity Report.pdf (1393 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Ecology - Habitat Regulations Assessment.pdf (1434 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Ecology - Preliminary Ecological Appraisal.pdf (1558 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Hydrology, Flood Risk and Drainage.pdf (5360 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Landscape & Visual Assessment.pdf (14796 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Noise Manangement Plan.pdf (1035 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Traffic & Transport Technical Note.pdf (5116 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Air Quality Assessment.pdf (1795 kb) Supporting Document 08/10/2019
Existing Site Plan.pdf (1051 kb) Existing Site Plan 08/10/2019
Superseded - Proposed Elevation - View from North West.pdf (521 kb) Superseded 31/01/2020
Proposed Site Plan - Pumping Operations.pdf (226 kb) Site Plan 08/10/2019
Proposed Site Plan - Well Testing.pdf (361 kb) Site Plan 08/10/2019
Hydrological Risk Assessment and covering letter.pdf (4571 kb) Further Information 17/01/2020
Proposed Elevation - view from North West Rev 01 310120.pdf (161 kb) Additional Information 31/01/2020
Consultation Response
WSCC Highways.pdf (98 kb) Consultation Response 16/10/2019
Public Health England.pdf (304 kb) Consultation Response 21/10/2019
Forestry Commission.pdf (59 kb) Consultation Response 21/10/2019
Sussex Police - Crime Prevention.pdf (51 kb) Consultation Response 25/10/2019
Southern Water.pdf (618 kb) Consultation Response 25/10/2019
Natural England.pdf (198 kb) Consultation Response 28/10/2019
High WealdAONB.pdf (459 kb) Consultation Response 28/10/2019
MId Sussex District Council .pdf (177 kb) Consultation Response 01/11/2019
MSDC No Objection Letter.pdf (118 kb) Consultation Response 01/11/2019
London Gatwick.pdf (22 kb) Consultation Response 01/11/2019
Environment Agency.pdf (31 kb) Consultation Response 12/11/2019
Balcombe Parish Council.pdf (215 kb) Consultation Response 14/11/2019
National Rail.pdf (34 kb) Consultation Response 14/11/2019
WSCC Ecology.pdf (29 kb) Consultation Response 20/11/2019
WSCC Ecology(1).pdf (29 kb) Consultation Response 22/01/2020
Health and Safety Executive.pdf (39 kb) Consultation Response 22/01/2020
WSCC Highways (2).pdf (33 kb) Consultation Response 27/01/2020
Sussex Police - Crime Prevention (2).pdf (241 kb) Consultation Response 28/01/2020
Southern Water (2).pdf (166 kb) Consultation Response 31/01/2020
Natural England (2).pdf (241 kb) Consultation Response 05/02/2020
Balcombe Parish Council (2).pdf (250 kb) Consultation Response 10/02/2020
Environment Agency (2).pdf (26 kb) Consultation Response 19/02/2020
WSCC Drainage and Flooding.pdf (70 kb) Wscc Drainage And Flooding 10/03/2020
Decisions and Reports
WSCC 071 19 Committee Report.pdf (6288 kb) Committee Report 15/04/2020
email confirming withdrawal 30April2020.pdf (66 kb) Withdrawal email 06/05/2020
Other Correspondence
Extension of Time agreement.pdf (94 kb) Extension of Time 06/03/2020