Planning Application WSCC/032/18/WC

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  • Application Number
  • Status
    Application Approved
  • Location
    Woodbarn Farm, Adversane Lane, Broadford Bridge, Billingshurst, RH14 9ED
  • Proposal
    Amendment of Condition 1 of planning permission ref: WSCC/029/17/WC extending the permission by 18 months to enable the completion of phase 4 site retention and restoration
  • Date Valid
  • Deadline for Comments
  • Determination Date
  • Decision Date
  • Decision
    Granted with Conditions
  • Applicant's Name
    Kimmeridge Oil & Gas Ltd
  • Agent's Name
    Zetland Group Ltd
  • Committee Date
  • District
  • Parish
    West Chiltington
  • County Councillor
    Charlotte Kenyon, Pulborough
  • Case Officer
    Chris Bartlett

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Application Documents
Methodology for removal and reinstatement of access.pdf (27 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
Application forms.pdf (6076 kb) Application Form 28/06/2018
Landscape Proposals.pdf (2108 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
Construction Traffic Management Plan Rev 2.pdf (3056 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
12 Cellar Details.pdf (880 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
11 Site Ditch Construction Details.pdf (299 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
10 Surface Water Distribution at Site Entrance.pdf (315 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
09 Well Site Restoration Layout.pdf (309 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
08 Existing Parking Layout Plan.pdf (200 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
07 Well Site Retention Mode Section.pdf (83 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
06 Well Site Retention Mode Layout.pdf (221 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
05 Existing Site Entrance.pdf (473 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
04 Existing Access Track 2.pdf (325 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
03 Existing Site Entrance.pdf (280 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
02 Site of Application.pdf (198 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
01 Site Location Plan.pdf (559 kb) Plan 28/06/2018
Application Plans & Documents Pack Index.pdf (236 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
Tree Protection Plans.pdf (1226 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
Tree Protection Plan Methodology.pdf (567 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
Planning Statement.pdf (3325 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
Noise Management Plan.pdf (1106 kb) Supporting Documentation 28/06/2018
Site Location Plan - Well Trajectory.pdf (1132 kb) Approved Document 21/09/2018
Consultation Response
WSCC Tree Officer response.pdf (83 kb) Consultation Response 20/07/2018
WSCC Ecology response.pdf (38 kb) Consultation Response 12/07/2018
West Chiltington Parish Council response.pdf (57 kb) Consultation Response 17/08/2018
Billingshurst Parish Council response.pdf (40 kb) Consultation Response 11/07/2018
Decisions and Reports
WSCC 032_033 18 WC Committee Report.pdf (231 kb) Committee Report 05/09/2018
WSCC 032 18 WC Decision Notice.pdf (66 kb) Decision Notice 20/09/2018