Planning Application WSCC/008/18/BN

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  • Application Number
  • Status
    Application Approved
  • Location
    Lidsey Oilfield, Lidsey Road, Bognor Regis
  • Proposal
    Retention of Lidsey oil site including two existing wells and production plant and equipment within the existing site to produce hydrocarbons for a further period of 10 years
  • Date Valid
  • Deadline for Comments
  • Determination Date
  • Decision Date
  • Decision
    Granted with Conditions
  • Applicant's Name
    Angus Energy plc
  • Agent's Name
    Angus Energy PLC
  • Committee Date
  • District
  • Parish
  • County Councillor
    Trevor Bence, Fontwell
  • Case Officer
    Chris Bartlett

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Application Documents
Well Path Cross Sections Plan.pdf (338 kb) Plan 09/02/2018
Trajectories Plan.pdf (919 kb) Plan 09/02/2018
Proposed Site Retention.pdf (682 kb) Supporting Documentation 09/02/2018
Article 13 Info.pdf (534 kb) Supporting Documentation 09/02/2018
Application Form.pdf (1373 kb) Application Form 09/02/2018
Appendix C Consent BN 31 05 Signed S106 Legal Agreement.pdf (1868 kb) Supporting Documentation 09/02/2018
Appendix B Flood Risk Assessment.pdf (3218 kb) Supporting Documentation 09/02/2018
Appendix A Screening Request.pdf (447 kb) Supporting Documentation 09/02/2018
Appendix A Screening Opinion.pdf (93 kb) Supporting Documentation 09/02/2018
Site Layout.pdf (559 kb) Approved Document 25/04/2018
Lidsey PROW Signage.pdf (897 kb) Approved Document 25/04/2018
Lidsey Hydrogeological Risk Assessment (HRA 2).pdf (964 kb) Approved Document 25/04/2018
General Location Plan.pdf (599 kb) Approved Document 25/04/2018
Consultation Response
WSCC PROW Response.pdf (56 kb) Consultation Response 23/02/2018
WSCC Highways Response.pdf (16 kb) Representation Response 26/02/2018
WSCC Highways Response Revised.pdf (18 kb) Consultation Response 11/04/2018
WSCC Ecology Response.pdf (9 kb) Consultation Response 09/04/2018
WSCC Archaeology Response.pdf (47 kb) Consultation Response 19/02/2018
Environment Agency Response.pdf (56 kb) Consultation Response 28/02/2018
WSCC Flooding & Drainage response.pdf (39 kb) Consultation Response 01/03/2018
Southern Water response.pdf (114 kb) Consultation Response 02/03/2018
Police (Crime Prevention) response.pdf (37 kb) Consultation Response 22/02/2018
Health and Safety Executive response.pdf (36 kb) Consultation Response 21/03/2018
Barnham Parish Council response.pdf (55 kb) Consultation Response 08/03/2018
Arun District Council response.PDF (180 kb) Consultation Response 06/04/2018
Aldingbourne Parish Council response.pdf (13 kb) Consultation Response 21/03/2018
Decisions and Reports
WSCC 008 18 BN Decision Notice.pdf (71 kb) Decision Notice 25/04/2018
WSCC 008 18 BN Committee Report.pdf (157 kb) Committee Report 18/04/2018